SU111Urban study for the Domaine de Beauregard program plan — La Celle Saint Cloud
A105Media Library and Refectory — Palaiseau
A10349 housing units — Paris
A102Student Residence — Cergy Pontoise
SU098Renewal of a city block
SU092Programming study — Cergy Pontoise
A088Sport Facility — Montreuil
SU078Public spaces — La Verrière
A07760 housing units — Noisy-le-Grand
A07659 suburban housing — Dammaris-les-Lys
A07538 housing units — Paris
A072158 social housing units — Paris
A061Restaurant, grocery store and exhibition room — Guesnain
A05925 social housing units — Courbevoie
A052Town Hall — Jarville-la-Malgrange
A04875 logements — Triel-sur-Seine
SU045Urban strategies — Triel-sur-Seine
A04380 housing units — Verneuil-sur-Seine
SU040Urban strategies — Verneuil-sur-Seine
A037Science centre — Naples, IT
SU024Urban renewal of a square — Avellino, IT
SU015Development of a square and the entrance to the town — Bedonia, IT
SU013Urban renewal — Vichy
A004Creation of store and restaurant — Gressey